As a DJ I am always searching for new hot music to make my sets as unique as possible. I am often on Spotify skipping through “Rap Caviar” and on Apple Music doing the same with “A-List Hip Hop” ( no affiliation to me). While the past couple of years have been explosive for Femcees (Female Emcees) like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, I was curious to learn about others and sadly those playlists mostly focused on introducing “popular” Femcees. I knew that it was new talent out there, hell it’s been talent out there for years. I ended down this rabbit-hole and started discovering amazing artists such as Rico Nasty, Megan Thee Stallion, Dreezy, Cupcakke, Snow Tha Product, Lady Leshurr and honestly the list goes on and on. I knew that if I hadn’t heard of these rappers then majority of the population hadn’t heard of them either. The arguments “women need to step their lyrical game up”, “only the best make it mainstream” or the infamous “women only rap about the same thing” were invalid. There is a range of Femcees that should be supported and promoted just as it is for men. I can listen to a smooth flow by Noname one day and twerk with my girls while listening to LightSkinKeisha another day. I am multifaceted and I like my music to be the same. I think back to the amazing Femcees from the late 99’s and 2000’s who were left out of conversations: Rah Digga, La Chat, Vita, Mia X, and Chyna White, just to name a few and it appears that they were only as big as the support that they received from their male counterparts. Once that support ended so did their careers. To be honest this is not just a hip hop problem, women in general are validated more when it’s a male ally there to cosign. I was fed up. I was sick of seeing talented Femcees put out amazing and fresh content for it to be ignored by mainstream. That changes today. Today we focus on the future and that ”Future is Femcee”.

The Future is Femcee is a campaign designed to bring more awareness to black and brown female rappers through promotion; Promotion will cover social media, steaming platforms and events.

The playlists will be used to promote up-and-coming Femcees. Each artist will have 1-3 songs. New content/artists will be posted weekly as artists drop new material. 

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